Notes on shipping: Please send me your goods the least expensive way you have available.I may order shipments in boxes of 40-50 lbs., it may be 200 lbs. or even a couple thousand depending on what suppliers, retailers choose to order. Please let me know what your freight forwarder’s rate is. For smaller orders, US postal is about $56 shipping for a 50lb. box, but if you can get the goods delivered to my office for less let me know; give me an invoice- or e-mail of total expenses and costs before you ship. However, let me know the shipping costs and all costs of goods before shipping-an e-mail will do. Either way, I prefer shipments that can be brokered through customs as quickly as possible or make it to my office/distribution directly, vs. getting stalled through customs.. Though I may ,have smaller orders at times I ask that you still work with me, and if you need a small extra fee for shipping or handling this way, let me know if you have an extra handling fee(5%). Though I do not work exclusively this way; I want to do large volume as much as there is a demand for it. Please make sure that your products all have country of origin on them in some way or on the package. By working directly with you I can offer my customers the best prices and have loyal clients through the years as I will be a faithful customer of yours whether my orders are large or small, I think we have a good future together! Here is US customs website to check their customs requirements:

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