Are you interested in having your products on the American market today without delay and using the full spectrum of my sales resources? Then you may want to consider consignment.


Consignment of Products:

More and more we are working with suppliers on a consignment basis. The reasons that we are doing this is the following:

  1. New products have an unexpected sales return, this allows the items to be sold according to the buyers demand.
  2. We can create an immediate inventory of your products. We are finding that without products in stock, that we may not be able to sell the items. This has to due with the fact that it is too costly for retailers to import items on an individual basis. With products in stock we can distribute most products to retailers immediately. There is no delay, or risk for that matter on their part. Finally we can also resolve any issues immediately in the case of any products that may have problems.

What we guarantee:

  1. You will be paid for your products according to the sales that they make. Generally I will be responsible for the CIF prices on the products. This assures that you will be reimbursed not only for your products but your shipping expenses involved as well. We find that it is best to pay your part on a monthly basis, according to the total volume of your items that sold that month.
  2. If more than 50% of the products have not sold in a 6-month period, we will return the remaining items at our cost if you wish. Or we can continue to sell of the remaining items and I will continue to forward you your portion of income for the items. Generally this will be submitted by T/T.



We can agree to a simple contract if you would like to sell your products on consignment. It goes over the basic plan here. I am not a hard business person and generally I work things in people’s favor. The contract just helps to clarify what each end is responsible for. We do not have to have a contract if you wish.

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